Instrumental Disorder

We are Instrumental Disorder, a Dutch rockband with a passion for music that toys with the listeners' expectations. We're influenced by genres like punk, grunge, industrial and post-rock, but the music we like to make isn't always easy to label, because exactly where those genres clash is where the excitement arises. We like to play with broad contrasts in, and between songs, with harmonious catchy songs giving way to dissonant and asymmetric guitar violence.

Instrumental Disorder consists of vocalist Bob Adels, guitar player Joeri Braams, Yves Defesche on bass and drummer Robin Caïro. Ever since meeting in highschool we've written and produced our own songs. This has resulted in 3 albums: Instrumental Disorder (2015), Steam Powered Crocodile (2017) and Teenagers Suck Lemon Juice All Night Long (2020).


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